C.U. Collars

Custom Handmade Dog Collars and Leashes 

All C.U. Collars Are Made In Central New York

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C.U. Collars creates unique, custom handmade
dog collars and leashes from your design

C.U. Collars creates beautifully hand-crafted, unique custom collars in Central New York. All C.U. Collars are made with heavy duty webbing and hardware for the safety of your dog. We offer a large range of buckle collars and martingale collars.

Whether you are searching for that perfect collar for your English Mastiff, your Teacup Poodle, or anything in between, you can rest assured that your collar has been crafted with care for dog lovers, by dog lovers.

Don’t see what you want? Have a favorite sports team? Let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll do our best to find it for you!

Welcome to C.U. Collars

Canines Unleashed, the parent company of C.U. Collars, was started 18 years ago as a dog daycare and retail store in Liverpool, NY.  The store’s biggest sellers were collars and leashes and yet very few companies carried 2″ Collars for my personal Great Danes. Without having sewing experience, I went to YouTube to see if I could make them myself. After 6 months of practice and prototypes on my own dogs, C.U. Collars was launched—10 years ago. It was such a hit that I thought, why stop with large dogs and made sizes from small dogs to large dogs. Somewhere during the process I decided to have customers “build their own” collar. From special subjects (sports, films, hobbies, etc, to specific colors and patterns), no one had to just take a collar off the rack again.

Designing your custom collar:

You choose: (1) the collar ribbon from our Shop,
(2) the width of the collar webbing from Our Standard Collar Sizes below,
(3) the ribbon pattern, if applicable,
(4) the color of the webbing,
(5) Martingale or Buckle.



Review our “How to Order” page prior to ordering

Our Standard Collar Sizes

3/4” collars are 8-14” Length
1” collars are  15” – 22” Length
1.5” collars are  15” – 22” Length
2” collars are  16” – 24” Length

Custom Lengths also available upon request

Design the Perfect Collar for Your Dog